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KAL DHEA-5mg, 60 Tablets

KAL DHEA-5mg, 60 Tablets

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A Vegetarian Tablet That Provides The Hormone Needed By the Body And Brain
Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA is a hormone that produces other hormones. Hormones controls and coordinates activities in the body. DHEA becomes plenty in supply when one becomes an adult. Studies suggest that these hormones found in the adrenal gland contribute to hair growth, the development of the reproductive organs, bone strength, and even brain activity, particularly among the neurotransmitters. In other words, DHEA helps the human being to transition into an adult physically and mentally. Sadly, upon reaching a certain age, DHEA supply also slows down. Its positive contributions might also begin disappearing. So, that could mean hair loss, low sex drive, fragile bones and perhaps, a weaker memory. However, DHEA can be supplemented. With just one tablet after every meal, Kal's DHEA vegetarian tablets help restore DHEA safely and naturally.

  • Replenishes the loss of a powerful hormone
  • Protects strength of bones
  • Brings back sex drive
  • May prevent hair loss
  • Stimulates the brain
  • Just one vegetarian tablet before a meal

Good For Women's Sex And Reproductive Health
DHEA binds with estrogen, the female hormone, and quickly activates it. Estrogen is responsible for those distinct female features including the shape of the bosom. It also keeps the sex drive healthy among women and provides moisture to her private parts. In other words, DHEA helps in maintaining a woman's appearance and her interest in sexual activities.

May Slow Aging And Good For Mental Health
Because it is a hormone that produces other hormones that are responsible for brain health, bone strength, and even hair growth, DHEA keeps a person from premature aging. Physically, one defers the signs of age with enough DHEA in the body.Scientists have been studying the effects of DHEA supplementation on mental health issues. Although the results are not yet conclusive, there are studies that show positive effects of DHEA on people suffering from depression. They also found that low DHEA levels could lead to depressive mood. Conversely, people with an abundant DHEA supply show sharp cognitive functions. Compared to those with low DHEA, they can memorize better and solve problems more quickly.

Promotes Quality Sleep
A healthy supply of DHEA encourages RME or rapid eye movement sleep. It is the stage in sleeping that one dream and is therefore also the stage where the brain is also working. When this happens, a person flexes his or her memory. When he or she wakes up after going through REM while sleeping, he or she recalls important information and improves the memory as well.

May Help With Reproductive Goals
Because DHEA can be found in the reproductive organs, those planning to be parents may find it easier to have children soon as DHEA stimulates and activates estrogen, making the woman more fertile and sexually healthy.

Good For The Skin
This tablet contains silica, a mineral very important in the body as it practically holds the body together. It is needed in every layer of the skin as it is the component of collagen, the substance that connects all of the skin and the joints. With collagen, one gets that glowing, youthful skin. Without it, it becomes dry and wrinkly. More importantly, with enough silica, it delays the sagging and drying of the skin as it naturally moisturizes it.

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