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Now Foods, Apple Fiber Powder - 12 oz.

Now Foods, Apple Fiber Powder - 12 oz.

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Complete and Balanced Powder to Fulfill Your Fiber Needs
Dietary fiber is an essential part of our diets, even though it’s often overlooked because of seemingly more important components like protein, vitamins, and minerals. Water is the most basic form of soluble fiber, while you’ll commonly find soluble fiber in plant-based products like vegetables and fruits. Considering how much processed food we eat nowadays, you can bet that our bodies aren’t getting the fiber required; we can’t even manage to drink enough water during the day. Fortunately, the NOW Healthy Foods Apple Fiber can give you essential fiber, and you don’t have to make an effort.

  • Apple Fiber Contains 25% Soluble & 75% Insoluble Fibers
  • Provides a Combination of Digestive Benefits
  • Apple Fiber Powder Leaves Out Harmful Fruit Sugarsy
  • Contains 10% Natural Apple Pectin
  • Only One Daily Tablespoon Needed
  • Produced in a GMP Compliant Facility

Experience the Digestive Benefits of Apples
Dietary fiber, also known as roughage, is divided into soluble and insoluble types, and helps digested food pass through the tracts smoothly. The NOW Healthy Foods Apple Fiber contains 25 percent soluble fiber and 75 percent insoluble fiber to give your body a combination of digestive benefits. Apples are naturally an amazing source of fiber but they contain fruit sugar, which can be harmful if taken in too large of an amount. This fiber powder contains highly concentrated fiber minus the sugar.

Made Using A Variety of Apples
The NOW Healthy Foods Apple Fiber is made using the best varieties of produce, such as Rome, Red Delicious, and Jonathan varieties. These apples are known for having a higher fiber content with regard to nectar and sugar, which makes them ideal as the main ingredient in a fiber supplement. Rome, red delicious, and Jonathan apples are wholly U.S.-based produce, which makes these choices eco-friendly. The fiber is dried and ground into a fine powder using a GMP-certified manufacturing process.

Contains 10% Natural Apple Pectin
Pectin is a soluble fiber that you can naturally find in apples, which may be helpful in alleviating digestive issues. Apple pectin is highly beneficial in helping to prevent conditions like diabetes, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome. Studies show that it may assist the body in lowering harmful cholesterol levels. This, in turn, prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Apple pectin is shown to have effects that can treat diarrhea and relieve symptoms of dehydration.

Easy to Use and Potent Powder Blend that Helps Your Gut
Using the NOW Healthy Foods Apple Fiber Powder is as easy as taking one tablespoon every day. You can have it directly or mix it in a glass of water; an all-rounder supplement that’s convenient as well. It provides a whole 16 percent of the daily value that you need, making it suitable for digestive maintenance. Now, you can live healthily without worrying about pesky troubles like indigestion.

Live Your Best Life with Reduced Chances of Obesity, Constipation, and Bloating
Uninvited problems like constipation and bloating can really ruin your day. Fortunately, taking fiber powder can keep your digestion in check and prevent all these uncomfortable conditions. If you’re maintaining a consistent workout routine and are worried about gaining weight, you’ll be glad to know that taking fiber every day drastically reduces the chances of obesity.

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