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Terry Naturally Astaxanthin with CoQ10, 30 Chewable Tablets

Terry Naturally Astaxanthin with CoQ10, 30 Chewable Tablets

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Having the synergy of these two powerful nutrients in one supplement delivers a wide range of support:
  • Heart Health
  • Immune Function
  • Healthy Brain Function
  • Healthy Aging
  • Vision Support

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, in the same family as beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein. With a unique structure that makes it different than other antioxidants, astaxanthin is hundreds of times more potent at stopping oxidative stress than some of the world’s strongest nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin E, and resveratrol. That means that it can provide incredible support for cognitive function, a strong heart, longevity, and overall optimal health.

This formula combines astaxanthin with CoQ10, which promotes energy production in the mitochondria, the engine of your cells. It replenishes CoQ10 depleted by cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and is especially supportive for your heart, mind, and overall good health.

Features GammaSorb Delivery System
GammaSorb is a plant-based material that binds to nutrients, making them more easily absorbed and bioavailable for optimal benefits. It has been shown to increase the absorption of certain hard to absorb (fat soluble) dietary ingredients, in some cases by as much as 8 times. It is included in this product to help deliver a higher level of support for your overall health.

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