Red Chili Pepper Probiotic?

Red Chili Pepper Probiotic?

Whether you’re looking for a challenge to kickstart your fitness journey, lose a few pounds, or just try something new, this new probiotic by Solgar is for you!  


The probiotic not only has been studied and proven effective it also contains  one special ingredient that has been shown to target several key areas to power your daily workouts and to support weight management.   

~Enter red chili pepper extract~


Solgar Weight Management Probiotic w/ Capsimax

 Capsimax red chili pepper extract has been well researched with studies showing the positive role Capsimax can play in effective weight management.

The power of this red chili pepper extract has been shown to boost metabolism, help burn fat and curb appetite. How does it do this? 

  • Supports appetite control – reducing feelings of hunger.
  • Breaks down the body’s fat stores – providing energy.
  • Promotes thermogenesis, the body’s internal heat generation – burning more calories.
  • Enhances resting energy expenditure – continuing to burn calories, even at rest.
  • Helps to reduce belly fat – promoting a healthy body composition.
  • Enhances your metabolic rate – improving the way your body burns calories.

    The effects of Capsimax have been illustrated in several scientific articles that looked at the supporting role it can play in effective weight management.

    Capsimax captures the whole-food red chili pepper extract so you can get the benefits of that classic heat generation produced when eating chili peppers, but without any discomfort to your tastebuds or your stomach.  

    Capsimax is uniquely produced with Omnibead, a patented controlled release encapsulating technology that delivers effective levels of these extracts without the discomforts mentioned above. 

     Capsimax Additional benefits …

    • Stimulant-free & safe
    • No impact on heart rate, blood pressure or hormones like dopamine & adrenaline 

    *It is always recommended to consult your Dr. before starting any new weight management program. 

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